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Are you learning Chinese? Do you find it difficult to remember Chinese characters? Do you think the strokes of Chinese characters are too complicated? Did you learn the pronunciation (Pinyin) and meanings of Chinese characters and forgot quickly?

ViewChinese is an app to help you solve these difficulties. It helps beginners learn Chinese characters quickly with an algorithm that guides you step by step to write Chinese characters, master stroke order correctly and easily remember the accurate Pinyin of each character and the corresponding meanings. The most interesting is that you can host a challenge and have your friends join you as a group where you can compete to see who write and recognize Chinese characters faster and better.

Stroke Animation

The stroke animation demonstrates the stroke order of each Chinese character, plus automatic pronunciation and English explanation.

Support Stylus

You can write characters with stylus pens such as Apple Pencil, or write directly with your fingers. The experience is completely close to the real scene.

Group Challenge

Host or join a Chinese character writing challenge with your friends. The group game makes the learning fast, easy and fun.

Rich Textbooks

Such as HSK, YCT, Zhongwen from Jinan University, Renjiao textbooks, three Character Classics and Tang Poems, etc. More new textbooks keep coming.

Point Rewards

Regardless of practice or games, points are automatically awarded after the end, which has a sense of accomplishment and stimulates learners' interest.

Star Ranking

After completing all Chinese characters in each lesson, the accuracy writing rate will be displayed automatically.

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